The collection of clinical samples will be customized to meet research and biological needs, matching protocols for studies.  Our staff’s past 15 years of experience providing community healthcare services in the greater Philadelphia healthcare market has given Serologix access to physicians and patients through established relationships.

Clinical studies might be as simple as the acquisition of clinical laboratory specimens that meet the study criteria or as difficult as locating participants who suffer from rare diseases. For this reason, we established partnerships with laboratories along the east coast that clinically define serum or plasma material. We have also cultivated long-term relationships with community hospitals and health centers that assist us in the execution of clinical trials under an IRB.

Study completion times vary widely.  Some projects can take years to complete while others are completed in less than 30 days.  Serologix will work on a project as long as is required to collect all requested samples.  We will also expedite sample collection to help complete an accelerated project.

Samples are collected through our sister company The Plasma Source.  The Plasma Source has CLIA and Pennsylvania Bureau of Laboratories State Licensure.  The staff maintains individual certifications for continued education and up to date information concerning industry developments.