Serologix has the ability to provide products to our customers directly from our clinical sources, offering recently diagnosed qualified subjects and biologic material that meets their needs.

We offer this material prospectively and retrospectively.  We utilize our relationships with our providers to assist us in meeting your needs rapidly and within the timeframe assigned to your projects.  Access to clinical laboratory samples includes Pathology.  Contact us concerning our bank of biological material that is ready to ship. You may also review the list of clinical samples that we currently have available.

We can assist you in servicing your clinical study projects. The project design is strictly monitored.  If requested, we can assist you with acquiring an IRB.  We will provide you with written weekly progress reports and will immediately contact you to discuss any issues with project design, guidance or suggestions.

  • Specimens are collected and processed to specifications
  • Only clinically diagnosed material is collected.
  • Physician and clinical laboratory networks are readily available.
  • Strict adherence to project design.
  • Supplement projects that are currently not meeting expected timelines.