Some Current Clinical Studies:

  • Diffused Systemic Sclerosis

    15 subjects who are clinically diagnosed will need to complete a medical history, serum collection and urine donations.

  • Ulcerated Colitis

    100 clinically diagnosed participants to complete a medication history and collection of serum samples.

  • Normal Healthy Females

    30 females to complete a menstrual history and have serum collected at specific time intervals.

  • HSV

    Physicians will collect an HSV lesion sample from 1,000 undiagnosed HSV subjects.

  • Mild Cognitive Impairment/Alzheimer’s Disease Genotype

    100 participants with a confirmed clinical diagnosis will have EDTA samples collected under IRB guidance.

  • Hemoglobin A1C Whole Blood Collection

    Subjects within specific abnormal ranges are recruited to donate a unit of whole blood prepared for same day shipping to our client.

  • Acute Infectious Disease

    An extensive list of acute infectious diseases are collected under an IRB.  Subjects are clinically qualified, and heparinized samples are collected and shipped with strict temperature monitoring to an international client within a 36 hour time requirement.

Participants and Physicians are compensated for their time and effort.